Job Information

Job Description

Implements and maintains the Company's Quality and Safety System. Carries out the maintenance program for the area of his responsibility. Executes all appropriate orders given by the Chief Engineer and 2nd Engineer in a safe and proper manner. Acts as designated officer for the maintenance/testing of critical equipment. Responsible for the proper maintenance, storage of electrical spare parts, tools, equipment and housekeeping. Checks the power supply and driving machinery of the lifting appliances. Continuously reports to the Chief Engineer on work lists reports.

Skills and Qualifications:

At least 1 year experience onboard or 2 finished contracts

Preferably with ME experienced


Complete documents on-hand

For Manpower Pooling Only.

No fees in any form an/or purpose will be collected from the applicants. Beware of illegal recruiters and human traffickers.

Agency Information

Company Profile

Kestrel Shipping Incorporated (KSI), one of the leading manning agencies in the Philippines, is a one stop-shop solution for all manning requirements. Since 1994, when our company was established, we have maintained a large database of highly qualified sea based personnel with different skills and educational qualifications to ensure our clients of the right passenger crew for the right ship at the right time.

Kestrel Shipping Incorporated is committed to long-term partnerships with its clients by consistently providing them services that satisfy their passenger crew requirements. Our ISO 9001:2008 and MLC 2006 certifications are the proof of our commitment to customer service and continual improvement.

High quality seafarer performance with absolute regard to compliance is one of the key goals of KSI.  These goals are achieved through efficient recruitment, selection, training and crew management that lead to healthy retention rates and stable seafarer pools. Our Company also boasts a modern Learning Management System for our passenger crew which has been introduced to allow easier access to computer based tests which brings flexibility in training and minimizing disruption to valuable time of our seafarer. 

The highly experienced management team of KSI delivers a wide range of professional services to all of its stakeholders, with the specific aim of creating an organizational environment which adds value to its customers and its employees.

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