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Manning Agencies Wants to Ratify Maritime Labor Convention of 2006

To protect Filipino seamen from rampant sea piracy, manning agencies in the Philippines are calling for immediate ratification of the Maritime Labor Convention (MLC) of 2006. This is because the International Labor Organization (ILO) implemented a number of major changes to current international regulations that involves the security and protection of the ships crew.

According to the Joint Manning Group (JMG), ratifying the convention would greatly benefit the Philippines as we are the world’s leading supplier of seafarers. Filipino seamen are deployed in shipping companies that are based in countries where the MLC 2006 has been ratified.

The JMG said, “The ratification by the Philippines will be a major indication of the country’s serious efforts to comply with the latest international rules and regulations that will enhance the continued employment of the Filipino seafarers.”

The group of manning agencies said that the Philippines currently share 30% of the global seafaring supply and this number would even increase as the JMG predicts that more demand for Filipino seafarers in the next two years.

The JMG added that the increase in demand would also boost foreign exchange remittance in 2012 which is expected to hit about $4 billion.

The JMG further informed, “Presently, a total of 22 countries have already ratified MLC 2006 and the balance of eight countries are expected to be reached within the first quarter of 2012. “It will be significant for the Philippines to be part of the first 30 countries that will ratify the Convention and put it into force.”


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