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Verify Your Docs with Doxcheck!

Tired of waiting for licensed-manning agencies to call you for an interview? Ever wonder what’s taking them long even if you are qualified? Maybe it’s because of your documents.

Yes, your documents. Your training certificates, transcript of records, diplomas, and even your medical exam results. 

Help your prospective employer easily verify your important documents with Doxcheck. 

But, what does this have to do with the delayed progress of your application? It’s because the employers are checking its authenticity. Manual verification of these documents takes several days long, thus prolonging the whole employment process for a seafarer.

So why not help your prospective employer or manning agency ease the process? How? By having it DOXCHECKed!

















DOXCHECKed documents carry the valid and unique code that will help in verifying the authenticity of the paper. Upon entering the code on DOXCHECK website, the employer can quickly double-check if the documents submitted are authentic, valid and counterfeit-proof.

This will lessen wasting precious time just by authenticating documents not only for the employer, but for the seafarer as well.  And the whole employment processing will speed up for better deployment of seafarers onboard.

Remember, fast authentication = fast deployment onboard! 


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