Job Information

Job Description

1.All safety equipment to be check before start daily work.

2.Ship security officer.

3.Chief officer must stay onboard while master is ashore.

Skills and Qualifications:

Must have 12 months experience in the said position and in the same type of vessel 
Valid US Visa is required 
Willing to Join ASAP 


For Manpower Pooling Only.

No fees in any form an/or purpose will be collected from the applicants. Beware of illegal recruiters and human traffickers.

Agency Information

Company Profile

In 1998, Top Ever Marine Management Philippine Corporation was established as a certified manning agency after reinforcing the professional chemistry of PHIL-JAPAN component. Japan side, is represented by Temm Maritime, Co., Ltd - a management company based in Japan who have successfully managed several ships earning its prestige to ship-owners as reliable ship managers.

The company's sister company, Top Ever Shipmanagement Corporation was established in 2004 - starting before as domestic tanker management but now have evolved into a international ship management company.

By 2007, both companies have transferred from their residence in BF Condominum, Intramuros to the heartland of old Makati which is situated south of Makati in the busy streets of Bangkal, Makati. In this compound structure housed the current base of operation of Top Ever and after surpassing 10 years of operation have remain steadfast in its commitment in providing competent and professional seafarers to their ship managers and ship owners.  


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