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·         Generally, stand 12’ to 4’ watch at sea and at anchor.

·         Stand port watches as directed by the Master or C/O.

·         Appointed as the ship’s Environmental Officer.

·         Ensuring latest editions are readily available on the bridge with the latest corrected charts, publications and equipment necessary for the current voyage.

·         Plan the passage as directed by and for Master approval.

·         Care and day-to-day operation of all navigational equipment and instruments including the function of the electronic navigation equipment.

·         Compile and submit voyage abstracts as required by Management and Charterers.

·         Prepare of the noon summary.

·         Report daily position at sea to respective SAR organizations and authorities.

·         Maintain inventory of stationary and prepare requisition list for C/O for any items required.

·         Care and correction of chronometers and ships clock.

·         Maintain Bridge filing system and library.

·         Correct Admiralty List of Radio signals vol. 1-5

Where electronic publications are in use ensure all electronic publications as per outfit (ADP, eNP, ENC’s etc.) are to be maintained up to date.

·         Assist as directed by Master or C/O


Skills and Qualifications:

- with atleast 12months Seatime in rank

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