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Why do Seamen choose to work onboard Cruise Ships?

In almost every port, in every country, there are cruise ships that are constantly searching for enthusiastic individuals to hop on board and join the team in one of the numerous cruise employment opportunities offered.
Aside from a higher, tax-free salary and the opportunity to travel to exotic destinations all over the world, what else could possibly make working onboard a cruise ship so appealing to seamen and even land-based graduates and employees?

A. Cost of Living

Living on land means shelling out for rent or mortgage, buying groceries, paying for transportation and other purchases that make demands on your bank account. However onboard a cruise ship, everything is paid for: food, housing, electricity, water, and even healthcare. Additionally, your smaller living quarters allow you to detach from the pressure to accumulate material items, encouraging a less consumer-driven lifestyle. You can save tons of money and send it back home to your family.

B. New Friendships and Cultures

Working on a cruise ship can surely provide you with a chance to visit different countries, meet new and interesting people, and improve your foreign language skills by interacting with cruise guests and co-workers. Aside from that, crew members are known to be a close community and will definitely make many good friends for life.

C. Opportunity for Promotion

You have many opportunities for career development onboard a cruise ship, especially now that the cruise industry is thriving. Most new crew members start in entry-level positions, but ambitious cruise ship employees can rise through the ranks. Staff members are encouraged to undergo regular training courses and apply for promotion, as there have been several success stories of employees progressing through their careers at cruise ships.
Interested in feeling the cool ocean breeze and seeing the world, while still making a living? Then life onboard a cruise ship will be perfect for you. Below are some of the most-in demand sea-based openings for cruise ships on
Chef De Partie
Pantry Man
Assistant Electrician
Engine Repairman
Engine Fitter
Assistant Reefer
Ordinary Seaman
Security Guard
Check out other cruise ship jobs posted only by POEA- licensed maritime agencies on!
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