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200 Manning Agencies Are Now Hiring Filipino Maritime Officers

Around 200 POEA-licensed manning agencies visit every day to post their manpower needs and source qualified candidates for different vessels like bulk, capsize, LNG, LPG, tanker, and general cargo. Filipino seafarers may now apply for the latest seafaring career opportunities for officers such as:

• Chief Mate                    • First Assistant Engineer

• First Engineer               • Fourth Engineer

• Master/Captain             • Second Engineer

• Second Mate                • Second Officer

• Third Engineer             • Third Mate

• Third Officer

Generally, candidates for the above-mentioned ranks must have valid License and Certificate of Proficiency from MARINA, valid travel documents such as SIRB and Passport. They are also expected to be physically fit for sea-based duty requiring them to submit medical certificate, according to Magsaysay Maritime Corporation.

Furthermore, according to Jebsens Maritime, Inc. (JMI), Ship Masters or Captains play a critical role as they are the leaders and decision-makers of a sailing vessel. To qualify for this position, the candidate must be well-versed on Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS), Marine Pollution (MARPOL), and the International Safety Management (ISM) regulations to ensure compliance with international laws and policies. He is also expected to possess a first-rate leadership and communication skills to maintain control and oversee maritime operations. offers both inter-island and international job opportunities for maritime trainees, cadets, ratings, and officers. Send multiple job applications to different POEA-manning agencies in one sitting by creating and updating your SeamanJobsite profile.

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